Successful Social Speeches

Wedding speeches should be clear, concise and sincere with a balance between wit and wisdom. If you are worried about what to say and how to say it confidently, don't leave it to the last minute. Relieve the nervous tension, shaky voice and wobbly limbs with simple, effective and fun techniques. Consider the content, duration and style of your speech as well as the delivery, to ensure your speech is as enjoyable for you to give, as it is for the guests to receive!

Gift Vouchers Available

"My best man's speech went very well. I was very pleased because secretly I know it was better than the others. I was in control and came close to enjoying my self! Thank you for your words of wisdom" R Johnson

A Single Individual "Consultation" £55
(1 hour - initial consultation fee)*

  • Guidance on delivery and content of a pre-prepared speech / reading 

B "Individual Tutorial Package" £145
(3 x 1 hour indivudual tutorials)*
As for A plus:

  • Guidance on devising a speech 
  • Helpful techniques to overcome nerves 
  • Improve and practise the speech / reading 

C "Group Workshop" (2-3 speakers) £175
(2 x 2 hour group workshops)*
As for B plus:

  • Practise and hone speeches as a group 
  • Constructive feedback from tutor and group 
  • Explore each speakers responsibilities 

D "Top Table Course" (3/4 speakers) £255
The ideal package for the Best Man, Father, Groom and not forgetting the Reader at the ceremony.
(1 x 2 hour group workshop + 1 hour individual tutorials - total 5 hours)*
As for C plus:

  • Individual tutorials to allow speakers to practise and hone speeches in private 

* Further individual tutorials may be arranged at a fee of £45 per hour

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