Expressive voice skills and care for Teachers

An effective teaching voice should be clear, inspiring and dynamic, with a balance between firmness and fun. This applies whether you are explaining a theory, reading a story, delivering an assembly or calling them in from the sports field!

Loss-of-voice and strain should not be an inevitability for any teacher! Whether you teach in a classroom, swimming pool or outdoors, help is at hand to ensure you discover a truly strong, authoritative, effective and exciting vocal style that will inspire your students, hold their attention and earn their respect!

"The voice is the most effective tool of the teacher's trade" (Teacher's Magazine, January 2003 Issue).

Find out about courses and tutorials offering essential vocal care and techniques to help discover that inspiring class-room voice.

Voice care and creativity for Teachers

Discover a truly effective and versatile vocal delivery with simple, effective and fun techniques. Learn how to vary your voice to suit the situation, teaching space and student group. Work on simple and enjoyable breathing techniques to enhance your delivery and to avoid annoying and even painful vocal problems.

Courses can be booked by individuals or by your educational establishment or authority as part of your on-going teacher training.

A Single Individual "Consultation" £55
(1 hour - initial consultation fee)*

  • Guidance on specific project (ie an assembly, viva voce, lecture) or
  • Assessment and basic guidance on dealing with specific voice problems including vocal style and delivery 

B "Individual Tutorial Package" £145
(3 x 1 hour indivudual tutorials)*
As for A plus:

  • In-depth work on specific project (ie an assembly, viva voce, lecture) 
  • Helpful techniques to overcome symptoms of nerves 
  • Techniques to develop a more effective and inspirational vocal style 

C "The Teacher's Workshop" (3-4 teachers) £POA
(2 x half day group workshops)*
As for B plus:

  • Practise and hone specific project or presentation 
  • Constructive feedback from tutor and group 
  • Explore techniques to develop each teacher's individual vocal needs 

D "Academic Workshop" (6-12 teachers) £POA (*dependant on location and numbers)
(1 half day interactive workshop + 1 hour individual tutorials)*
The ideal package for any academic establishment looking to enhance the vocal effectiveness of their teachers. All courses tailored to the specific needs of your establishment, teachers and students.

  • Explore the theory and practice of versatile vocal performance in the classroom (or any other specific environment, ie pool, sports field, lecture theatre etc).
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